Dr Jagoda was the past president of the Australian Medical Acupuncture college. Dr. Jagoda has vast knowledge and experience in this field and has been recognized as a life member, and has written various articles which featured in various publications, major newspapers, medical publications, television & radio.

Patients who possess a valid pension card/health care card will be Bulk Billed. Private patients can claim these sessions from Medicare or their private insurance.

Workcare and TAC: if you are given consent by your provider.

We provide:

    • Laser Acupuncture
    • Needle Acupuncture

Here are some examples that patients can benefit from acupuncture:

    • Arthritis
    • Pain relief
    • Carpal tunnel
    • Back, neck and leg injuries
    • Neurological disorders
    • Tennis elbow
    • Migraines
    • Motion sickness
    • Hormonal
    • Sleeping difficulties
    • Weight
    • Smoking cessation

Please contact us for further information about these programmes.